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Non-phthalates Type Pvc Field

Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate,referred to as DEHP or DOP,is the most commonly used plasticizer in PVC process.Throughout the world of medical PVC products,it has been clearly not allowed to add 17 kinds of phthalates as plasticizers.

A large number of experiments at home and abroad proved that phthalates into the human body and animal body will have similar estrogen role,will interfere with endocrine,is a potential endocrine disruptors.At present the EU has banned toys containing DEHP ingredients.

Although the exposure time of infusion device in the infusion process is short,and medical PVC DEHP addition ratio is less,in order to maximize the safety of each infusion device users, non-phthalates type PVC material came into being.We have started to sell this product since 2008,and the initial major customers are European and American manufacturers.Since

October 20 12 the domestic medical device industry give great importance to the potential risk of DEHP,we help customers to produce,and register non-phthalates PVC infusion device.

Teamlong provides the opportunity to choose right plasticizers in order to help customers find the most suitable for their own products.

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